"OMg say what?" Green Beauty Secrets - Spring Edition

3 Ways to stay hydrated

The most essential beverage in the world is water hands down. Interesting fact: the human body is made up of roughly over 50% water! Which is why we need to try our best to consume our daily average intake of 2.2 litres of water Mayo Clinic

  1. Tonic Water: Infuse your water with your favourite herbal teas my favourite is "hibiscus"
  2. Eat Soup
  3. Alkaline: add fruits and herbs that contain high amounts of alkaline to your water.

Haircare Tips

If you're dealing with hair breakage you're not alone. Women are constantly, dealing with hair challenges; here are some remedies that reduces hair breakage:

Co-Washing with Apple Cider Vinegar its important not to strip the hair of its natural oils. Apple Cider Vinegar is great for gently cleansing the hair without stripping it. 

Detangling Brush is an absolute must that everyone should have in their hair kit especially, for curly hair types it just makes detangling the hair so much easier while the conditioner is in.   

3% Yogurt makes for a great protein treatment that contains natural fatty acids that nourish the hair and decrease the amount of shedding caused by hair breakage. 

Oils our OMg REPAIR Hair Oil contains Almond & Castor Oil, strengthening & nourishing the hair while stopping hair breakage. Leaves hair feeling soft without the oily feeling.

OMg CALM Skincare Line

Having excess sebum a.k.a greasy skin can be frustrating especially in the warmer months, but not to worry we have a solution made for you. 

The OMg CALM Skincare Line is formulated with antioxidant-rich formulas and infused with some of Mother Nature's clarifying yet soothing botanicals: Aloe Vera Cactus tea, Witch Hazel, Blood Orange, Lemon oil and French Red Clay. You’re bound to notice less sebum.

Don’t believe it?

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Kaleena A. - Founder & CEO