"OMg say what?" Green Beauty Secrets - Seasons Edition

3 Ways to stop premature aging 

Okay reality check, there is no actual way to stop premature aging. I know we all wish we could just wave a magic wand and stop the aging process; however, that’s not how Mother Nature works.

Here’s the good news though, there are 4 things that you can start doing today to slow down the aging process:

  1. Add Hibiscus & Mulberry into your life this wonderful berry is used in traditional Chinese medicine to naturally delay prematurely grey hair. 
  2. Henna is from the Mignonette Tree and there's claims that this tree traces back to over 30 centuries ago. Henna is a great alternative to traditional hair dye.
  3. Don’t think about your age as simple as this sounds studies have shown that those who feel young at heart overall have better health J L Barnes-Farrell, MJ Piotrowski, JM Montepare & ME Lachman.
  4. Spirulina this algae does wonders, it’s known for slowing down the aging process because it's rich in nucleic acids that protect from degeneration Mount Sinai

Personal grooming tips

Maintaining personal cleanliness doesn't have to take up your whole day. These are some quick self-care personal grooming tips for men:

Clean the beard, ladies love to see a nicely lined & trimmed beard, take care of yourself go to the barber every other week to maintain your beard. If you tend to get Barbae Folliculitis a.k.a razor bumps you may want to give our OMg Toners and OMg Foam Cleanser Bars a try as they contain astringent ingredients that reduce and prevent minor breakouts. 

The wave brush is a man's best friend if you have short hair the wave brush is your pal, tip: use this brush while you have conditioner in the hair it will soften and detangle the hair.

3% Yogurt not only does yogurt make for a great hair mask, it's also great as a natural dry scalp treatment; 1 cup of yogurt with a light sprinkle of baking soda works wonders for dry scalp relief. 

If you struggle with high perspiration under the armpits this natural remedy may just do the trick. Trim armpit hair for easy application, disinfect then take a lemon or lime slice it in half, and rub the juices under the armpit; let that sit for 15-30 minutes before washing it off.

Keep your cuticles clean and nails short. Having long nails allows dirt to build up right under the nail making it prone to developing nail disorders.

Moisturize ashy elbows many struggle with this; however, the solution is simple you need a good moisturizer our OMg MOIST Face & Body Oil is great for those dry area's followed up with a good Sunscreen lotion SPF 30. 

OMg Hair Oils

Tired of dry scalp and hair breakage? We have a solution made for you. 

The OMg RESTORE & REPAIR Hair Oils are formulated with antioxidant-rich formulas made with some of Mother Nature's nourishing botanicals: Camelina oil, Castor and Almond oil; all working together, to repair and stimulate hair growth!! Our hair oils soothes dry scalp and stops hair breakage! Not to mention, these oils work great in the beard too without making it sticky. 

Don’t believe it?

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the items you have purchased from our store you are entitled to a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.


Kaleena A. - Founder & CEO